Sportsman’s Connection Northern Wisconsin Atlas and Field Guide Review

by | Jul 23, 2020

In my opinion there is one major flaw with modern “Adventure” motorcycling. Granted all the modern conveniences make life an enormous amount easier, but is that the point of adventure riding? To make things easy, simple with no challenges other than making it to the hotel you had reservations to sleep at? Just follow the little dot on your GPS and you’ll always be good.Here at WinterOak we pride ourselves on our Bushcraft knowledge, our ability to adapt and overcome, but mostly our “not in a hurry, let’s do what we want.” attitude. I spend hours upon hours planning out the routes for WinterOak. It can be quite a hassle as you might know. That’s the thing about our routes tho, they can change at the whim of the group. So the next best thing to having concrete plans and demanding deadlines is having a good map. I’ve found the absolute best out there!Sportsman’s Connection is just that! This is a family owned and operated company out of Superior Wisconsin. They specialize in fishing maps and their own version of atlas/ field guides.

This is right off of their web page:

These 160 page, 15×11″, spiral-bound All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guides are created at twice the scale of other road atlases, which means four times the detail. And while the maps are sure to be the finest quality you have ever used, the thing that makes these books unique is all the additional information. Your favorite outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, biking, off-roading, paddling, skiing, golfing, wildlife viewing, and more are covered in great depth with helpful editorial and extensive tables, which are all cross-referenced and indexed to the map pages in a way that’s fun and easy to use. Whether you’re planning an afternoon bike ride or an extended camping trip, these atlases are built to help you take advantage of the extraordinarily diverse and numerous opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts across the state.

  • Fishing Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Canoe and Kayak routes
  • Public Hunting, State & National Forest Areas, Gathering and Foraging
  • Golf Courses, Campgrounds, State Park locations and info
  • Hiking, Biking, Skiing, ATV, & Snowmobiling trails
  • Wildlife-Viewing, Scenic Drives, Sightseeing info and locations

So at WinterOak I plan all of my routes out on the computer and then have the completed and edited directions printed on a laminated card I keep in the clear compartment on my tank bag. In order to make sure my routes are clear and will be good for my customers I take my time and run each and every forest road, forest trail, and trails. Well this being the middle of nowhere a lot of these routes are not marked out the best. I keep my print version of the atlas in my backpack for easy access and quick reference while riding. It is indispensable! The detail and information it gives is priceless. The maps have helped me find those sweet little swimming holes, campsites and have made changing my routes a breeze. 
Here at WinterOak Moto Adventures fully support Sportsman’s Connection and all of their products.


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