Off-Road Adventures

WinterOak Moto Adventures provides off-road adventures through the trails of the third coast leaving no trace but tracks.

Our Mission & Vision

WinterOak Moto Adventures mission is to provide an off-road adventure through the trails of the third coast.  Our vision is to network and support local small businesses who share in the dream of no trace camping and respecting our natural surroundings.

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About Us

Jamie (aka Ox) has been a motorcycle enthusiast and backwoods man for over 20 years.  Combining his two passions, fit right in with the adventure riding lifestyle.  To bring his dream of riding motorcycles and camping for a living, he wrangled up his wife Amanda into his adventure.  Amanda, although being new to motorcycles, has been a camper and woods-lady her entire life.  She helps Ox with the business side of things with the perks of being able to take part in the outdoor activities.

They have 3 children and live in a small (but growing) compound with the dream of moving off-grid to a self-sustaining homestead.

Ride With Us

A part of our vision is to not only network, but to help support local and small businesses along our scenic route. We are able to provide unique experiences through custom tours. Whether you are looking for a private fishing hole, or a great camping view, WinterOak has it all. 

In our tours, we take scenic routes through some of the most beautiful parts of these states.  Specializing in riding trails from the UP (upper peninsula) through Wisconsin and up into the arrowhead in Minnesota.  Some have labeled this area as “the third coast”.

We are currently working on our 2021 tours and events. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date and get notified when information is available. 

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